Welcome to Rando Plants!

Welcome to RandoPlants – a place to learn about medieval ethnobotany!

What’s here?

Here you will find macro plant photography, celtic knotwork art, and the history of botany in medieval Europe.

Humans have a long history with plants – far bigger an older than simply what houseplants we grow or how we garden. Plants are a big part of our culture, tied up in our lore, driving our history. Here you’ll find new information and ways of existing with plants – while also learning more about them, and how historically people have interacted with them.

Want to get involved?

Get a look around, and be sure to check out my *Patreon* (Coming soon!) to learn how you can support the growth of Randoplants!

About me:

I am an amateur botanist with a big interest in plants, art and history. I’ve spent a lot of time learning to make puppets, create celtic art, and how to access all kinds of educational materials. I’ve been building some side blogs for a few years about different subjects. Doing this, I’ve learned a lot and condensed my never-ending list of projects I want to accomplish down to a few manageable ones. So now I’m forging ahead with a lengthy project on medieval botany, a podcast about every sort of pumpkin, and in the near future a puppet show!


Other Project

In the meantime, check out my side blogs on specific topics to get more frequent content!

Where I take little macro photos, and talk about what planty things are exciting in that moment.

Where I celebrate Halloween year round!

Where I share things I’m learning about Celtic art, culture, and history.

Learn about different types of squash and their history in “Hello,  My Friends,” a podcast hosted by Dave the Scarecrow.


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