Tiny knits and holiday sales

I’ve succeeded in making the perfect little sock shape with my 1.25 mm knitting needles. Now i’m just struggling to replicate it. Look closely at the following image and you’ll see the heels are different, although both are definitely readable as socks. 1st sock - attempt #2, heel is much higher, foot is longer I… Continue reading Tiny knits and holiday sales


RandoReview: “Molly” Best Friends Perrrfect Pet Incense

We have a cat who is sensitive to dust, smoke, strongly scented things, etc. We have to use fragrance free laundry soap or else he itches, and have to be careful what scented things we use so that he isn’t constantly sneezing. I’ve had good luck with Gonesh incense, which is one of the cheaper… Continue reading RandoReview: “Molly” Best Friends Perrrfect Pet Incense